The Church of St. Mary of St. Paul

Wish LIst



Parking Lot overly (center) $19,500.00
Rectory window replacing $2,500.00
Rectory 2nd floor re-carpeting (2 bedrooms) $1,500.00
Blessed Monti Community Room re-flooring $2,000.00
Sacristy re-carpeting $500.00
New carpet for the Class room, 2nd floor $1,800.00
Parish Office front door awning $2,500.00
Security gates for stairs (2) $2,000.00
Security cameras for rectory and church $5,000.00
Permanent signage for the Immaculate Conception Chapel $1,500.00
Hot water for faucets in front basement bathrooms $2,500.00
Annual Fall Booya supplies $900.00
Electronic Sign at 8th & Wacouta $20,000.00
Professional pictures and album of Stained Glass Windows $500.00
Replace the foam on the kneelers in the church $10,000.00

Thanks for your generous support to the amazing Church of St. Mary!



Office –

  • Archdiocese PACE/PRISM coordinator – (need an office background for this work)
  • Stained Glass Window Project (documenting and taking pictures of each window and the depiction and description of each one).
  • Inventory all items owned by church (pictures, descriptions) for insurance log.
  • St. Mary's Archives 

Maintenance –

  • Volunteers for Parking-Funerals, Saints Baseball & Events
  • Help putting up and taking down crib

Music –

  • Ushers/greeters for music program events such as Vespers and sacred music concerts (one or two times a year).
  • Volunteers to prepare food, bake, bring goodies, or serve for choir bake sale and other receptions for choir.
  • Volunteers to help with occasional publicity.
  • Volunteer to sing with the 10:30 am choir and special feasts (includes rehearsals).
  • Volunteer to sing with the music ensemble at 4:30pm Saturday evening (includes rehearsals)

Other –

  • Additional Liturgical Ministers for all Masses. (Ushers, Greeters, Sacristian, Servers, Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers etc.) 
  • Additional Sacristan (All Masses)
  • Pastoral Church instructor (For weddings, baptisms, Funeral etc.)
  • Group to organize and inventory Kitchen (and maintain)
  • Church Decoration Coordinator and support group
  • Inside Church flower caretaker